Refund and Returns Policy


All the circuits include: 

– Trips in comfortable vehicle equipped especially for trips. 

– It guides bilingual specialized in the area (English). Other Languages subject to rate. 

– Entrances to the places to visit. 

– Feeding according to program. 

– Lodgings 

– All that is specified in writing in the programs. 

And they don’t include: 

– Anything that it is not specified in writing in the program and confirmed in writing by us. 

– Medical expenses and/or of evacuation in the event of emergency. 

– Extras or modifications to the program. 

– Alterations of itineraries on the part of the passengers. 

– Personal insurance.  


To make effective a reservation the payment of 50% service will be made with 40 days of advance to the date of beginning of the trip and 50 remaining% before the beginning of the trip. For consultations. 


If the annulment is received 30 days before the date of beginning of the trip total refund of the money it will be made received to the date. The annulments made after this date will be penalized in the following way: 

29-15 days before, refund of 80%. 

14-07 days before, refund of 50%. 

06-02 days before, refund of 30%. 

24 hours before, refund of 10%. 

Non show, without refund. 


The prices are based on a certain number of passengers. If some member of the group cancels his reservation, the value of the service it will be subject to modifications of last moment. 

Refunds won’t be made by tracts and not used services. However in the event of more force modifications will be made in the route for bigger comfort and the passengers’ security. 

The prices of the services are subject to changes. In the event of some modification this it will be notified with the due advance.  

In the event of more force the specified lodgings will be able to be changed by others of similar category. 

The baggage is of the passenger’s exclusive responsibility. We suggest that this is not voluminous, especially when traveling in group. Otherwise it is the passengers’ obligation to give we  warn  you in advance to coordinate the  appropriate transport. If the baggage for passenger exceeds to a suitcase and a handbag, possibly this will affect the value of the trip. 

We request to notify ourselves in advance if some Passenger has some special nutritious requirement, additional service, physical inability of any nature or if it exceeds the normal capacity of a vehicle, bed, etc.   

We require for this, a complete record of each participant of the trip.  

Not making this in advance could increase the value of our services as well as modifications in the program. 

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